Consider a Few Facts Before Wearing A Halter Dress

If you have a wide chest, the halter dresses will support you till eternity. Even if you are not gifted with the wider form, you can make the most of this very smart fashion outfit provided you do a little bit of research on it. As a first, you must prefigure your body type. As an instance, if you have analyzed yourself to be thicker in front of the mirror, you can definitely look forward to wearing thicker straps.

Halter dresses have always allowed women to keep most of their back uncovered, either for a purpose or only for the right recipe of style. For instance, halter swimsuits have allowed women to get themselves sun-tanned on their bare backs. While a halter dress is very lenient on the back, it also takes adequate measures to cut down on any breast-glance from the sides. This is the reason why it uses high arm-holes.

The dresses are extremely versatile and have something to offer to every lady. To those who wish to wear a tank top, a halter neck addition can be used as a great variation. Depending on the girth of the chest, a narrow or a thick strip can embellish the upper torso effectively. For many years, the apparel was thought to be little more flamboyant than needed and conservative pundits of fashion suggested against wearing them. Today, they are provided the respect they deserve and hardly is a fashion-savvy lady left who does not have a halter dress in her closet.

It is important to consider a few facts before wearing these dresses. The same is true for the designer stuffs or haute couture or even the prĂȘt-a-porte dresses. Let us take a look.

It is desirable to couple these outfits with the right kind of accessories. Necklaces shall be missed out at any rate because the neck straps themselves work as a necklace and emphasize on the chest and the upper torso. It is recommended to go for stylish and big earnings.
It is also significant to match them with the right kind of bras. For instance, a foam cup or the push-up can work well for small-busted ladies when they go for a halter dress (especially when the dress has no hemline).
These outfits are very flamboyant on the upper torso and this is the reason why you must conservatively dress below your waist. This way your entire apparel is well in sync and creates a smart look.
The halters are marching ceaselessly; you have just got to make hay while the sun shines.


Tips For Matching Mens Dress Shoes

If you find that you are bored with the same suit, tie and button down day in and day out, there are ways to jazz up your style. Remember there is only a minor difference between fashion forward and fashion disaster. Choosing great accessories to wear can make your look unique and appropriate without making it look overdone. Playing around with your ties, belts, shoes and watches can add zing to your look when done with class.

Many men forget how important shoe selection can be. So many men have a brown pair and a black pair-and that’s it. There are tons of different shoe styles and colors available that will really help your look stand out from the crowd in a good way. Here is everything you need to know to match your shoes with your suit and get a custom look sure to impress.

Choosing Color
You should have several pairs of black dress shoes in several styles. Black shoes go with suits in shades of gray, black and blue. If you are just building your business wardrobe, always start with black shoes. Black shoes are considered the most classic and tailored of all shoe colors.

Brown shoes will usually cover any look that the black shoes don’t. Surprisingly though, shades of brown can vary greatly and not all shades of brown will work best with a given suit. It is also important that you have a belt that really matches the tone of your brown shoes. Don’t mix an espresso brown shoe with a reddish brown belt if you really want to look like you understand fashion. Very rarely will you ever want to mix brown shoes with a black belt, so it is important you have at least one belt that perfectly matches each pair of brown shoes you own. Suits in tan hues usually go best with brown shoes, and greens are often best complimented with brown as well. Blue suits can often go with brown or black shoes, and brown is often chosen when you want the look to be a little less formal.

Choosing A Style
Style is the most important part of pairing shoes to your outfit. Be sure the style of the shoes matches the style of the outfit. If worn with the right suit, a pair of Italian shoes in a style between a cowboy boot and a loafer can look amazing. With the wrong suit, they can look like clown shoes! Be sure to only wear trendy shoes while they are still a hot trend and with a suit that looks to be of the same style. You can also sometimes wear a funkier shoe and other accessories with a very plain, basic suit. Just be sure the style of the suit and the style of the shoes aren’t completed different.

You will also want to be sure that all other accessories you wear such as belts, ties, and watches are also of the same style. A look that is well put together will give you the appearance of a man that understands fashion. Just throwing on trendy items in a haphazard manner will make you look desperate for attention and just plain silly.


How to Dress and What to Wear For Small Shoulder Or Slope Shoulder

Defined shoulders always make a lady’s arms look sexy. The shape of your shoulders can affect the overall appearance of an outfit and they seldom catch the attention that they deserve. Clothing that fits poorly upon your shoulders can destroy a chic silhouette. You might know your body shape, but did you know that your shoulders are the next most substantial aspect to silhouette proportion? Listed below are some guidelines that can help to address your narrow shoulders body shape, once you know how to dress a narrow shoulder, your self-confidence will growth and your inner beauty and personality will come shining through.

The ideal shoulder line balances the hips and create a proportion body shape so choose the most flattering sleeve, collar, neckline, color, fabrics and seaming detail to help balance your entire body shape.


Select tops with the following kind of sleeve such as cap sleeve, puff sleeve, leg-of-mutton-sleeves, gathered sleeves, sleeves that draw up with ruching or fluted angel sleeves. They will deliver the effect of broadening your shoulders in a beautiful and feminine way. But be sure that the shoulder seam of the sleeve fit your shoulders perfectly and in the right position. You will not get that elongated lean line if the shoulder seams drops off your shoulder and appears too big.
you can also try out tops with draping off the shoulder sleeves, it also work well at broadening the upper body.
Sleeveless clothes that are cut in at the shoulder should be avoided as they tend to make the shoulder appear even narrower. If you want to wear sleeveless tops, opt for wider straps.
be sure to avoid raglan, kimono and dolman sleeves since all these sleeves make your shoulder look smaller.

When it comes to the neckline, make sure to select a neckline that is wide and shallow which delivers a horizontally widening effect such as Boat necks, Sabrina necklines, sweetheart necklines” or “Cowl necklines, Off the shoulder, a wide “V” neckline, wide scoop neckline, crew necks and so on. Avoid choosing those necklines that is narrow and plunging such as narrow deep V, U or square shapes. As it is narrow and deep, it will draw the eye inwards and diminish your shoulders even further thus projecting a triangular body shape.
wrap tops are anther good alternative as it will likewise create the illusion of heavier shoulders.
if you like straps dresses or tops, avoid thin spaghetti straps, choose a wide strap, the wider the strap the broader the shoulder look.
halter necklines should be avoided as they tend to make shoulders appear narrower

Choose tops with large collars, extended collars with over sized lapels bring wonders upon narrow shoulders.
Polo-necks and turtle-necks are also good alternatives.
Sailor collars or peaked lapels is likewise another selection.
avoid collarless shirts and jackets, these styles tend to make your shoulders appear even narrower.

choose a lighter color or prints for the tops since light colors will assist to bring visual width to your upper body. For the better effect in shoulder widening, look for a apparel that features horizontal stripes in the upper torso.
a metallic color like gold will also serve to extend your shoulders since it reflects light.
avoid vertical stripes or dark color tops because these will make your shoulders look narrower. Vertical stripes or dark color should be worn at the lower body to give you a long lean and elongated silhouette. With a taller figure, the shoulder will look wider and your body shape will appear more proportionate.

a jacket or cardigan sweater, casually draped around the shoulders also makes them appear wider and tends to equalize the hip and shoulders.
a stiff, thicker and structured fabric can help add some volume to your shoulder area, you may try fabric that bears some texture such as tweeds, boucle and angora blend knits.
If you like to wear T-Shirts, try to look for T-shirt styles in fabrics that are of a decent weight, as these will add much subtle volume to your upper body. Knit styles T-shirts made from cashmere and angora could actually help soften the visual aspect of boney shoulders.
avoid thin and soft fabrics that cling to the body since they will give away your body shape.

another option you have is to look for big designs on your tops as that will make your upper torso appear broader.
try tops with detailing such as frills, epaulettes, horizontal seam lines like yokes, and pockets across the chest.

try using fashion jewelries to divert the attention of people away from the shoulders.
scarf worn over the shoulders will also have a horizontal effects to produce a broadening illusion.
try wearing waistline cinching belts or any other accessories that can make your waist look smaller thus giving you a more proportional silhouette.

it is best to wear rather structured apparel such as suit jackets and tailor-made shirts with nipped-in waistlines.
Shift dresses are generally a very flattering choice, especially if they have a boat neckline.
try dress shirts that have got darts round the shoulders and are placed at an angle rather than straight over
layering on the tops such as a loose shirt over a body suit, jacket or cardigan over tops will help to add volume to your shoulders.
Military style design clothing is also a effective alternative.
try to avoid wide skirt or dresses that have a wide bottom as it will give you a triangle silhouette which make the shoulders look narrow.
also avoid skin tight T-shirt because these can highlight the difference between your upper and lower body. But if you like wear skin tight T-shirt, get one that drapes a little through the shoulder area.

start wearing high heels shoes as they will help you increase your height, giving you a long lean and elongated silhouette making your body shape look more proportion.
it is also recommended to cut your hair to elbow length so that sometime you can use it to cover your shoulder.
shoulder pads are always good to have to elevate sloping and narrow shoulders. Soft rounded shoulder pads are more natural when placed under clothes as it give your shoulders a nicely tapered look.
you can also try clothing that can zipped at mid-waist to create a wide V, or tie a sweater over your shoulders for extra broadening.
shoulder exercises such military press, front raise and lateral raise will help to developed your shoulders.


Ideas For Girls and Boys For Valentine’s Day Dress

For boy and girl both Valentine’s Day held great importance and especially when they have their couple. This day increases their love to a higher degree and makes them understand how special they are for each other. But yes, showing love is must, be it in any form. Presenting gift, going for a special romantic party or wearing something special to impress your beloved etc. are some of the ways of showcasing love. Love exhibition is very important but it should be within couple only not in front of all.

Dressing is a special way of showing love. This article will give you some ideas on how to dress up for Valentine’s Day for both girls and boys. But before going into deep let’s discuss some common ideas of dress up.

* Valentine’s Day dress should flatter you nicely and enhance your all best features. For impressing your dearest this is the best trick.

* You need to explore dresses much to get the right style dress. There is ample variety in dress styles. Settle on the one that suits you the best.

* Whichever dress you wear it should make you comfortable and give stylish look.

These are common tips which should be present in attires of both sexes. Now we will go into deep about dress styles of both genders. Let’s see:

Valentine’s Day Dress Ideas for Girls

Femininity is greatest power of girls with which they attract everyone and portraying same in dress gives them completely feminine look and attracts their man towards them a lot more. For Valentine’s Day wear dress that shows your femininity. Skirt, or short halter dress or floral designed spaghetti strap dress etc.

are some very cute pieces of dress which projects feminine image. Being on feminine side is good for girls on the love day.

Red, pink, blue, maroon, gold, green etc. are some of the best color choices in dresses for Valentine’s Day for girls.

Wearing something in red is the most appropriate choice as red is color of love and Valentine’s Day is also love day.

With perfect dress girls should also look beautiful overall, thus enhance face with proper make up and right hairstyle.

Footwear makes great difference in entire appearance. Choose it with kid gloves. Depending on what you are going to wear opt for shoes.

Valentine’s Day Dress Ideas for Boys

Best Valentine’s Day attire for boys is semi formal wear. Jeans and formal shirt or a collar tee shirt is amongst best choices. V-neckline T-shirts are perfect to opt for.

Give comfort factor great importance while choosing dress.

Accessories are best bet for boys to enhance their look. But make a point they should suit your outfit well. Chunky belt, clean shoes, cuff links, bracelet, chain, ring, classy watch etc. such accessories are best to choose as they carry off the look with elegance.

Apply gel to hair and spray perfume and you are all set to rock. Also you will be surely successful in impressing your girlfriend.


Tips Finding The Perfect Everyday Bag

Every woman has one. This is our ultimate go-to bag whenever we are in a mad dash out the door and into our daily errands. It may not accompany us in our most formal occasions but this bag goes with us, where we need it to be.

So how do you pick the PERFECT EVERYDAY BAG?


What do you need to bring with you always? The things that you cannot live without? Car keys, make up, wallet, cell phones, organizers, idea notebook etc. Take note of this. This will determine how big your everyday bag is.

Of course, it is good to note to limit the essential to at least just five objects.


Now is the time to take a great look at your closet and see what is your true personal style. If you know this already, then that’s great. If not, I suggest that you rummage through closet and get to know yourself.

Take note of your personal style and know what kind of style suits it. It is tempting to buy a “statement” everyday bag. Resist, ladies. RESIST! You will be using this bag often, if not, daily! People will notice that you use the same bag everyday and ignore the rest of your style. You will get boring if you buy an everyday statement bag. As a fashionista, you know you always need to switch it up!


This bag will be with you in most of your daily life. I suggest that you buy one that is made of a material that will resist stain so that when it does encounter it, a few baby wipes would manage. I also suggest that the bag should be water resistant, so when it rains, it protects your stuff and it can easily be dried off with a tissue.

For short, this bag should be able to be with you RAIN OR SHINE


This may be new to you ladies. Nonetheless, carry a clutch bag inside your everyday bag at all times. This is where your essentials should go (the big 5 that we discussed earlier).

This is actually a great thing to apply for your convenience. For example, from the office and you have to go to a casual dinner party with your friends, you can easily take your clutch bag and leave the rest of your bag (hidden safely, of course) in your office. This way, you don’t have to carry the whole thing with you while you are dining away, having fun in the city.

That is why your everyday bag should be able to carry your clutch bag AND MORE. You will be bringing other things along during you different errands.


Usual everyday bags are the ones that we sling on our shoulders. So make sure that the handle is cushioned and does not fall every now and then as you walk. Take note of the material and see if you can handle the pressure it gives you with full on weight of your daily accessories.


Best Fashionable Handbags For Summer

Till now, women used to think that handbags are used to carry their stuff. But do you know that it can compliment your overall personality? If you know how to choose the right type of handbag for yourself, you can make a long-lasting impression on special occasions. Handbags have the power to give you a very stylish as well as trendy look.

The handbags are available in different designs, types, and colors and styles. One type is straw bags that are very stylish. Some years ago, straw bags were used but they were not stylish. They were quite large bags, used to carry large objects. But nowadays, straw bags are a must have fashion accessory. These handbags are made up of natural material. They are made of various materials like pineapple fiber, corn fiber and wheat fiber. These fashion bags are totally eco-friendly as they are made of natural materials.

Straw bags are available in different colors, shapes and styles. There are many ways to weave these kinds of bag. Due to different types of weaving, each bag looks different from other. A straw bag is flexible and even suits our pocket. It is environment friendly as well as trendy. Hence, it is advisable to buy one that will show how much you care about your planet. And, to add to this, you will look stylish too. You can carry a this fashionable bag anywhere, like a beach, dinner, red carpet or any other occasion.

You can match a straw bags with every texture and color of dresses. Embroidery work can also be done on straw handbags. Use of things like buckles, buttons and zips add grace to these bags. Various styles like hobo bag, tote bag, zip tops, barrel bags, box bags, bucket style totes, structured handbags are available readily in market and that too in numerous colors. As straw bags are made up of natural material, they can be easily dyed with natural colors which add to their eco-friendliness. These natural colors are good for you too and will not harm your skin.

They do not have pockets outside. So these bags are more secure as you won’t be able to keep anything outside. These bags are closed and will provide safety to your belongings. These bags are made up of renewable resource and thus are cheaper than other. Some of the famous brands like Dolce and Gabbana also sell these kinds of bags.

So, these handbags ensure you a unique look for every occasion along with being light on your pocket. The best part is that they are in reach of every lady. So, you need not think twice before buying these bags. Plus, you can have a range of such bags in different colors, styles, texture and pattern.


Regarding Fashion Models And The Role Of Evening Bags

If you are attending a formal event, the outfit worn should be meticulously put together, whether it is a walk down the red carpet or an important dinner. Things like hair-styles, make-up and shoes are taken into consideration, alongside the important evening bag. Fashion models and use of evening bags will show that the bag needs to go well with the dress that you are wearing.

This does not mean that it needs to match, exactly, but the bigger discrepancy between the style of the bag and the style of the dress, the more risk there is of making a fashion mistake. For the most formal events, the bag will need to be as formal as the dress. If there is some leeway, then the individual might be able to use something more unusual, although this is a risk.

Color greatly affects the way that the bag will look against the rest of the outfit. If the bag really complements the dress, then this may be why. However, a brighter color will stand out more and it needs to be ensured that there is no clashing with the dress. If the bag or clutch is black, that is a color that will suit most dresses. It is generally a very safe and flattering shade that matches most colors and is found to suit most people. This is most likely why many formal dresses are black.

White is like black in the sense that it will suit most dresses, and there are many formal dresses in white. However, white has a problem in that it will stain much more easily than any other color, and must be kept spotless because these stains will show up. For those who can be chauffeured, this might not be such an issue, but attention still needs to be paid.

As a more accessible variant, there is cream, which works because it is off-white, anyway. A subtle taint will not show up as easily, although stains will still be highly visible. For just a splash of color, there are bags in much brighter shades of various colors, which will work well against a more subtly-colored dress.

By doing this you can play with a more vibrant color scheme, or add a little life to something quite dull. Used against brightly colored dresses they can be quite effective, as well. Experimenting with different combinations of colors can also be fun, and finding the right one can be rewarding.

This must take some consideration, however, and it should definitely be made sure of that the colors do not clash. When you are planning your outfit in advance, include the bag that you will use. If you chose a bag with a lighter color, then although there is more room for movement, here due to the subtlety of the color, much of the same applies.

These can be used as a little color accent against something brighter, and are less likely to clash. They can also be used as an accent against black and white for a more delicate hint of color than the brighter bags will offer.


Diaper Bag Shopping Tips Stay Fashionable and Practical

Gone are the days when the choices for diaper bags were pink or blue, polka dots or plain available in, you guessed it – plastic-type materials. Shopping for one was as easy as choosing the desired color and off to the cash register you go. Or buying that over-sized purse to fit extra diapers, wipes and a multitude of other potentially necessary items needed when spending any amount of time out with baby, then digging around for those items when you need them.

Oh, moms still want to be prepared for all the possibilities when out with their infants and children, such as diaper changes, bibs, clean clothes and all the other necessities that go with them. But it is time for us moms to realize that practicality and fashion statements can be held hand in hand, especially when it comes to toting around baby supplies. You now have choices you can make by opting for a handmade bag representing your tastes and personality while keeping everything you need within range.

With the many shapes and designs now available also come many options coming into play when making your diaper bag a statement of your own style. You can choose the number of compartments and where they are located. You can choose the fabric color and style you wish, enabling your diaper bag to resemble an oversized purse rather than that easy-to-notice bag everyone can spot from across the room.

What about the fashion statement you may possibly want to change around, depending on the season? With today’s options and possibilities, the choices are endless. Large purse-type bags in earth tones for fall and winter are fine when you consider the possibility of winter coats getting in the way of carrying the bag, but why not spice it up a bit in spring and summer with pastel or bright colors in the backpack style?

One tip we can give however is to avoid colors that will clash with your normal attire, no matter the season. Choose complimentary colors to blend with your wardrobe for the ultimate in fashion! The option of a backpack or messenger-type diaper bag leaves the possibility of using that same bag as your child’s tote for their first years in school, providing them with that little bit of flare and personal expression from the first day they step on the school bus.

There is also the option of buying more than one custom bag for multiple children or for traveling purposes. Different colors for your son and daughter perhaps, or coordinating colors that match your twins or triplets personalities. And remember, what supplies you need for a day at Grandma’s house can greatly differ from those needed for a weekend holiday, or a trip to the zoo. You need the ease of traveling while wanting to ensure that you have everything you need, without compromising style, comfort or space.

No matter the choice you make now for your diaper bag fashion statement, you can now do it in style with a designer bag that will leave you prepared, equipped and stylish all at the same time.


Shoes to Wear with White Dress

We all know that accessories can make or break an outfit, and this is more true in the case of shoes. If you wear the wrong pair with a gorgeous dress, it is not only a fashion disaster, but will also end up ruining a potentially great outfit. With the latest trend of wearing the little white dress, many women get confused as to what shoes to pair it with. They are notoriously difficult to accessorize as wearing white shoes makes you look more like a bride, and wearing black ones makes it look over coordinated.

What Shoes to Wear with White Dress?

Many fashion designers have predicted that the little white dress might soon attain iconic status same as the little black dress. They are incredibly versatile, as they can be worn for a lunch out with friends, and can also be worn for a cocktail party. The type of dress will be a deciding factor for choosing the right pair of shoes. For a white maxi dress, the best option will be gladiator sandals in gold, copper; and wedge heels in metallic colors. You can further enhance your look by wearing layered gold chains, or a gold cuff.

If you are going to wear a white dress to work, which is conservatively cut, then the best option would be black court shoes. When these are paired with a black blazer and belt, they give an extremely professional look. My personal favorite is the 6 inch high black pumps with red soles by Christian Louboutin. They are demure, yet sexy. You can also wear navy or tan kitten heel shoes with your dress.

When you are going for a cocktail party or a soiree, the best option would be to have a pop of color in your all white outfit with red or blue shoes. The best option is to wear red pumps with sky high heels to give your outfit that bit of color and oomph. If you wear such dramatic colored pumps with your dress, make sure that your jewelry and clutch matches your dress. Coordinate your look by carrying a red quilted clutch, and minimum jewelry. Red pumps are definitely on the list of must have shoes for every woman.

Now for the more couture white dress, like a Grecian draped or an origami dress, you need designer shoes to go with it. Strappy sandals and ankle strap shoes are the best options in this case. While choosing sandals, make sure that they do not have too many embellishments like crystals and stones, as this will make you look tacky. Ankle strap shoes in colors like silver, bronze, champagne, and gold can make you look absolutely divine.

If you are not a fan of wearing high heels, fret not, because we have the perfect option for you. Cute ballet pumps that come in gold and silver with metallic textures are your best option. They are super pretty, and will lend a romantic and dreamy look to your outfit. Another option is to wear the Marc Jacobs Jelly Shoes, that come in a lot of bright colors. Want to make a dramatic statement with your white Herve Leger bandage dress? Well the best shoes to go with such a designer dress is black suede or leather ankle booties. Remember to wear booties, and not slouchy suede boots or cheap UGG boots.

The kind of shoes that you pair with dresses, depends largely on the cut and design of the dress. White dresses are here to stay, and you should have the right shoes and accessories to wear them with.


Thigh high Boots for Plus Size Women

Thigh-high boots are quite popular for the killer look it imparts to the attire. Many stay away from these due to their full figures. So, all those ladies who have not yet heard about thigh-high boots for plus size women, can now plan to pick a pair of this stunning footwear.

With every woman becoming fashion conscious and loving to follow the fashion trends, footwear manufacturers have their special edition on the shelves. Many manufacturers are coming up with a number of varieties in thigh-high boots for plus size women. So, those who ever wondered of looking seductive with a pair of thigh-high boots for women in glossy leather, it’s time to buy one for yourself.

Choosing Plus Size Thigh-high Boots for Women

Buying the right pair of women’s shoes is not a tough task. All you need to have is patience. While shopping for thigh-high boots, you need to checkout various brands and trials a number of pieces.

Buying shoes online can be the biggest mistake that you are making in this case. While you wear thigh-high shoes, it needs to fit rightly not only till your ankles but at calves, knees and thighs as well. You can’t simply sit with a shoe size chart and get a right fitting pair online. Though you can find cheap boots online, picking one from the stores after trial is the best way to shop.

These are usually the wide calf boots for women with fuller figures, so that they fit well at the calves. Also, in the plus size, you can find the ones which are wider at the thighs. Most of the plus size thigh-high boots are available in stretchable materials or loose fitting than the regular ones. Those having options of adjustments are best ones. Once you take a trial, make sure you check the fitting at toes, ankles, heels, calves, knees, and thighs. Walk, sit, raise your legs (folded at knees) and check thoroughly.

Styles in Plus Size Thigh-high Boots for Women

If you think that looking like a glam doll is not possible because of your fuller thighs, you are completely wrong. Being plus size, doesn’t end the options of looking stunning. You can get numerous designs and style options in plus size thigh-high boots for women.

From classy black till hot red you can pick your favorite color. White, beige, brown, off white and white are popular picks apart from the all time hit blacks. You can go for the blacks in patent leather which are famous for their shiny and quality looks.

Those in stretchable pattern are a smart pick as they give you a slim look and provide perfect fitting. The lace ups are another good alternative to opt for, as you can tighten them as required and get a nice fit. Apart from these, those having folded top look trendy.

If you are not comfortable walking in high heels, go for the flat thigh-high boots for plus size women. If you are looking for those with heels, options are plenty. From small box heels, till tall pencil heels, you can choose one that you are comfortable walking with. Those which gather in wrinkles at the ankles are quite popular.